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Chairman Message

       Mr. Bhaiya La Jain


The College has a proud tradition of academic, cultural and sporting excellence. As an academically we aim to develop and maintain the highest possible standards in student learning. We provide quality education. The co-curricular program is one where we lay proper emphasis to provide platform to all individuals to carve their talents. There is a extensive, creative and performing arts program, including activities in the morning assembly, students talk, various competitions. Moreover the College is well equipped with facilities including all Sports activities, Library, Computer, ET, Science, Math, Social Study, Art & Craft, HPERC+Yoga, Psychology laboratory etc. and we are planning to add many more very shortly.

I feel pride and show my gratitude to all the Students and Faculty for having good faith and giving their kind support in this College.

                                                                                Jai Hind! Jai Jinendra!

                                                                                Mr. Bhaiya Lal Jain

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