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Science Laboratory

Every fundamental of experimentations are taught to students in the laboratory. While handling the instruments, taking measurement and analyzing results the students gains confidence and understand the phenomenon better.

To give the students an opportunity to use the instruments a science lab has been established in this institution. The laboratory is well equipped keeping in view the training for the basics of the subject exclusively experimentation and demonstration in science subjects namely-Chemistry and Physics.

For various experiments related to chemistry, Physics and Math various instruments such as balancing stand, prism, voltmeter, Ammeter, Microscopes & slides, Math kit etc are available in the laboratory.

Science Laboratory is well equipped with all necessary equipment

Language Laboratory

This facility is basically to all the students of languages. The purpose for languages lab is this that all the students learn through imitation and poor models produce poor imitation. Good models do not guarantee good imitations but they are necessary to permit good responses. So a teacher should always be correct in his/her pronunciation. The teaching aids in the form of audio-cassettes, and CDs, accompanied with players, text books and printed manuals are available for drills, exercises and practice in Lab. Special attention is paid to the effective and impressive communication skill keeping in mind inter-state and intelligibility. We provide the opportunity of practicing pronunciation, word and structural streets, rhythm and intonation in order to develop and unprove the learners language skills i.e. listening, speaking and reading.

Our Language lab possesses latest Longue Phones and all other necessary equipment

Computer Laboratory & ICT

Computer is very important in this modern age. In every field, Computer is using. So, we can say that for every profession, knowledge of computer is necessary. Due to the demand of computer, we arranged a resourceful computer lab in our college. In this computer lab, 12 computer system are available. We give computer education to our students because in the field of education computer has an important place. The students of B.Ed. make the use of this computer lab. In this lab, they learn to use computer, L.C.D. projector and other language software. These are the very important aspects for an effective teaching. So this lab is also an effort to prepare effective teachers.

Today we see that the technology has touched in each and every aspect of human life such as education, industry, commerce, health and almost every walk of life. With the growing need of competent human resource in computer technology and its allies our institution has well equipped ICT resource centre to give all the students a real time experience to acquaint them with latest trends. Our institution has a well equipped computer centre to center to the needs of students and faculty in the college. The center possesses around 12 computer system. The computer centre provided other facilities like CD making, typing etc. The internet has evolved as the only information super highway and a hub for data, graphics, images, e-mail, communication or simply browsing for wealth of information on any subject on any topic. All the ICT computer systems have the internet facility. Besides the computer systems our resource centre also have Projector, O.H.P., LED-40”, Radio, Tape-Recorder, Models, Charts. The purpose of all these resources is to acquaint the pupil teacher to how to use all these in effective way to make the teaching learning process more effective and then they can adjust themselves in the changing perspective.

Our Computer lab has sufficient computer & Educational Technology lab is equipped with the latest infrastructure and facilities

Psychology Laboratory

Psychology is a subject of great importance not only for the students of psychology but for the teachers and pupil teachers also. Keeping in mind the importance of this subject a psychology lab was established in this college in the year 2008 since beginning of the first session of B.Ed. in this college. Since then the institution to for using to have all the tools in this lab to cater the needs of the students and to make them familiar in the administration of these tools. Besides the tools the pictures of various psychologists are also available in this lab. Right now sixteen tools are available in this lab. Students of B.Ed. use these tools as per their requirements. B.Ed. students use these tools for the preparation of psychological file. But this is not the end. The management and the staff still thinking about the enrichment of the lab and how can we utilize it maximum? As per the requirements of time.

Art & Craft Resource Centre

Every human being is special. He/she bears some unique congenital qualities. To provide opportunities to show creativity and to enhance the hidden potential of the students an art and craft resource centre was established in the institution Here we provide an opportunity to the students to show their brilliance in the preparation of chart picture, models, Dance, Music & Drama etc., The students also get guidelines for making effective materials to make the teaching-learning process more impressive.

Our Art & Craft Resource Centre has Puppetry Kit, Doll making Kit, Wood work Tools, Gardening Tool Set, Toy Making Kit, Tailoring Kit, Dress Designing Kit Etc. with the latest infrastructure and facilities

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