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Co-curricular Activities

“ Bhajan Competition, Matki Competition, Mandir & Jhoola Competition, Bansuri Competition, Essay Competition, Greeting Competition, Mehandi Competition, Rangoli Competition, Thal Sajja Competition, Rakhi Competition, Art & Craft Competition, Room Decoration Competition, Deep Competition, Bandhanwar Competition, Slogan and Sketching Competition, Poster Competition, Group Song Competition, Sports Day, Janamastmi Festival, Alumni Meet, Teachers day, Childrens Day, world forestry day, republic day, independence day, Research work, Seminars Etc.”

Here at believe that

“One must know the curves of road, Before else is asked to travel it“

Hence by means of Co-Curricular or Extra Curricular Activities B.Ed. trainees are allowed to experience and develop on every aspect of life. CCA is a realistic and a healthy way to develop any students caliber.

We believe in perfection but even a coconut tree cant stand alone if it does not have its roots. The route to perfection in any field lies in improvising the roots. For the same by means of Performing Arts, Art & Craft, Assembly and Personality Development sessions we are aiming to achieve overall development of our pupil teacher.

We understand the necessity of globalization but we never underestimate the value or importance of our culture. Hence we try to celebrate all the major events and functions by means of interactive sessions

Performing Arts

Dance, Music, Drama

We grow, we enhance, we work and we shine because we perform. All sports are the one where young seeds with their strength, humour and vigour. One can proceed with their traditional avenues where the desire is not to win but to enjoy with what they perform and learn.

Art & Craft Facilities

Art is an inner creativity of oneself where one has the freedom to show itself with its best part whereas craft is a technique which intimates oneself to have a flexible and wide thinking. If creativity and technique goes hand in hand then it is like ocean The more you know the deeper you go.

Daily Assembly

Early in the morning we gather under the shadow of tree, on grass in the calm green environment to find peace so that we can gather the strength to fight. Remembering the name of God in peace, when the beautiful sound of prayer echoes in our ears. The environment is bliss and helps us to bring out the positive attitude to purify our native soul.

PD Session

Debate, Group Discussion: Personality development (PD) sessions, are academically very essential. Debates, speeches, news reading, group discussions; they help the pupil to improve their expressing power. Hesitation is the enemy, but with regular interactive sessions pupil learn to express what is needed.

B.Ed. trainees life is packed with lots of cultural and co-curricular events like debates-group discussions etc. These, not only help them unwind after intensive studies but also shape them into well rounded complete personalities.

Teachers Day

The college celebrated the Teachers Day on Dr. S. Radhakrishnan birthday dated 5th September to honour the noble soul and also to recognize the talent of dedicated teachers on the memorable occasion. Students of B.Ed. shared their views about their best teacher. They also shared their gratitude for their teachers for imparting knowledge to them. A few students showed their respect to their teachers through songs that impressed the audience greatly.

Camp for Handicapped

A camp for Handicapped students of the institution marked with great enthusiasm as volunteers and made big contribution to organize the camp.

Childrens Day

The Commemoration of the legendary personalities inspires us to follow the imprints left by them in the ever-flowing stream of time. Following the same all the students of B.Ed. celebrated the childrens Day, the birthday of Chacha Nehru on 14th November. A scintillating culture programme was presented by the students. A few students. A few students expressed their views on the personalities of Pandit Nehru.

World Forestry Day

All the natural resources are very important for us. If there is any hazard to these resources then we cant servive. Keeping in view this idea the World Forestry Day was celebrated on 21st March. A rally was organized on World Forestry Day to create an awareness among people for the importance of plants and forests fir us. All the students of B.Ed. marched in this rally and imposed the people to think in this direction.

World Water Day

The need for sustainable development is a key to future mankind. The degradation of our environmental is linked to continuing problems of environmental pollution. We cant servive without water. To aware the students about the importance of water and need of water conservation a discussion was organized on World Water Day. All the participants expressed their views about how can we conserve the water and discussed various hazards for water.

Republic Day

The Republic Day, 26 January commemorates the day when our constitution came into existence. The students presented an array of cultural programmes like songs, dances, speeches that thrilled the audiences.

Contests & Competitions

Rangoli & Mehandi competitions. The organized Rangoli and Mehandi competitions on the eve of Diwali. The artists were completely absorbed in the activity while using different colours and other decorative material in Rangoli making.

The girls who participated in Mehandi competitions applied heena on their palms with great artistry and gave a show of their craftsmanship. Everybody was stunned to see the eye-catching designs and decorations. The outstanding performances are as follows:

Slogan and Sketching competition

To assess students sense of innovation and creativity a slogan and poster sketching competition for B.Ed. students. The students make colourful posters on different social issues. The students showed great artistry and gave a show of their craftsmanship. The students also made massegeable slogans on different social issues and problems. The students were applauded by all for the same. Names of the winners are:

Group Song Competition

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man. Every learner has inherent talent, Group song competition. Participants presented a rainbow coloured culture of India with their full potential and got heartfelt appreciation of all the students. The result is as follows.

Scouting & Guiding Camp

A few days in a real scout camp can teach more than hundred books. In a camp anyone can hear secrets of night and the language of the stars, smiles of the flowers and zest of the birds. For providing successful and real experience of all this a scouting and guiding camp. The purpose of all these camps is to contribute to the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development of young people. All the pupil teachers participated in the camp with great dedication and sincerity. On the closing of the camp Chairman of the Institution Mr. B.L. Jain addressed the pupil-teachers and shared his valuable experiences on shunting with the students.

Alumni Meet

The institution celebrated the reunion fair for its alumni to nourish their cherished memories of the bright and breezy days in the college and relive their deep bonding with their enlightened mentors. Students of B.Ed. presented a colourful cultural programme to great their seniors. The honorable Principal Dr. Ajeet Kumar Shankhdhar addressed the alumni and blessed them for their bright carrier. In the end, the former students were given a hearty send-off by the staff and students.



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